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Topic: Regenerative Medicine

The Latest Non-Surgical, Non-Drug Solutions for Arthritis & Joint Pain, & Other Chronic Health Problems

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At MD Health & Wellness, our goal is to provide you with healthy solutions for a better life.

We are all living longer. The average life expectancy for a North American female is now 81.4 years; for males, it’s 76.8 years. (Data from World Bank. Last updated: Sep 18, 2017.) Wouldn’t you prefer to stay as healthy and active as possible for as long as possible?

Let us empower you to achieve and manage your desired healthy lifestyle with the knowledge and tools around improving nutrition, increasing energy and achieving fitness goals. We use diagnostic evaluation, health assessment, personalized treatment plans and comprehensive long-term monitoring to achieve optimal results. 

Regenerative medicine, peripheral neuropathy reversal, lower back spinal decompression, weight loss or hormone balancing, may be a part of the solution for you, but in the end, it is whatever you need to secure a healthier and more energized quality of life.

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