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Testosterone plays a critical role in maintaining youthful neurological structure, alleviating depression, as well as inducing fat loss in those who are unable to reduce body weight regardless of diet and exercise.

Recent studies have demonstrated that low testosterone in men is strongly associated with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and an almost 50% increase in mortality over a seven year period.

Restoring testosterone to youthful ranges in men can result in an increase in insulin sensitivity as well as a reduction in total cholesterol, fat mass, waist circumference and pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with atherosclerosis, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. Testosterone therapy can also significantly improve sexual desire and improve functional capacity.

Do You Have Low T?

13 Million men in the U.S. over the age of 40 have low testosterone levels. Are you one of them?

Many men, as they age, have both low testosterone and high cholesterol. Rather than relying only on cholesterol-lowering drugs, we believe hormone therapy which includes increasing testosterone levels will restore men’s vitality and youthful energy which naturally changes with age.

Do you suffer from…

  • a lack of energy?
  • a decrease in enjoyment of life?
  • a decrease in strength and endurance?
  • a decrease in sex drive?

Do you…

  • feel sad and/or grumpy?
  • fall asleep after dinner?
  • have trouble focusing on tasks?

Have you noticed…

  • a deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  • a deterioration in your work performance?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, IT IS TIME TO GET TESTED! It only takes 30 minutes, and no appointment is necessary.

You deserve to live life free from depression, low energy levels and chronic disease. If there is a chance that these are caused by low testosterone, you owe it to yourself and your future quality of life to get tested now.

At MD Health & Wellness, our hormone replacement therapy for men involves customized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Prior to beginning your hormone replacement therapy, we will test your hormone levels and determine if you are experiencing a hormone deficiency. If you meet the medical criteria for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we will prescribe you a specific dosage of bioidentical testosterone to help stabilize and optimize your hormone levels. All of the hormones used in our hormone replacement therapy for men are administered via injection or pellets for optimal results.

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