Frank’s Weight Loss Story

For the majority of my adult life, I have been anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds overweight, and like many people I was unable to lose the weight on my own.

I have always been a “stress” eater.  I also ate to celebrate.  I ate the wrong kinds of food with no regard for how many calories I was taking in daily.

When I was hungry I ate.  When I wasn’t hungry…I still ate.  I had no self control when I was in a situation where there was lots of food in front of me.

I tried to eat as much of it as I could.  People talk about eating so much at Thanksgiving dinner that they need to loosen their belts they are so miserable.

I did that at least once a week.

I make my living selling and telling stories.  Not a whole lot of physical activity involved there.

And I’m extremely particular when it comes to what products or services I will endorse.  I’m especially reluctant to endorse weight loss plans or programs.

Once I learned about MD Health and Wellness and the HCG diet, I was not only willing to endorse it, but I couldn’t wait to get started myself.

Six weeks later, with the guidance of Dr. Gilbertson and Dr. Andreoff and the rest of the staff at MD H&W.  I was down 35 pounds.

I gave all of my “fat” clothes to charity, because I don’t want then in my closet tempting me to go back to my old ways.

Had the experts at MD Health and Wellness not show me the right way…the safe way to lose weight and keep it off, I might be even bigger by now.

I have learned that calories really do matter, so I watch them pretty closely.

Thank you, MD Health and Wellness.

Frank O. Pinion

KFNS Radio

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