Getting Started with BHRT

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What is Involved in Starting Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

You will fill out a brief medical history and a symptoms questionnaire when you have your lab work done. If you live out of town we can arrange for your labs to be drawn at a location near you.

As early as 2 days after your lab work, we can see you for your initial consultation. We will discuss your symptoms, history, lifestyle and goals and also review the results from your blood work. For this, we will make recommendations for a a course of treatment.

Follow-Up Appointments

We require that you have a follow up appointment every 3 months during the first year of treatment. This is to ensure that your hormone levels are at the correct level and to ensure that your treatment is optimal for you. Prior to each follow up appointment you will be required to have your labs completed.

After one year of treatment your follow up appointments will be every 6 months.

Once you start your 3rd year you will only be required to follow up once a year.

Any patients experiencing discomfort or problems are strongly encouraged to contact us immediately. All of our patients are welcome to call our office at any time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We have undergone a rigorous selection process for the compounding pharmacy that we utilize. Different compounding pharmacies can have different levels of quality and consistency of their product, therefore we utilize one compounding pharmacy for our hormones. All orders are shipped discretely directly to your home. Typically your order will ship out the day after you place your order. All orders are shipped FedEx. Patients will need to arrange with FedEx for delivery (normally leaving a note on your door will suffice).

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