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Neuropathy Reversal Consultation

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What's Neuropathy Reversal?

Neuropathy pain is caused by deterioration of the blood vessels surrounding the peripheral nerves.

Fortunately Through our advanced treatment(s) patients are able to grow new blood vessels (angiogenesis) that will restore blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the nerve, allowing their neuropathic condition to heal and significantly improve their symptoms or rid them all together.


Step 1

Understand What Is Happening To Your Nerves

Neuropathy is a disorder of your peripheral nerves that causes numbness, tingling, burning and pain into your arms, hands, legs and feet.

Take a look at these nerves in the picture. You will see 3 different types of nerves. The one on the top is a healthy nerve; see the healthy blood vessels wrapped around it? Below these blood vessels you have what’s called the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is like insulation on an electrical cord, and your nerves need it to function properly. In order for the myelin sheath to be healthy and survive, it has to be nourished by blood vessels, like the ones you see at the top.

Now take a look at the middle nerve in the picture. It’s starting to deteriorate. The constriction of blood vessels decreases the amount of nutrients and blood flow to the nerve. This causes the symptoms you are experiencing, and the effects we see in the middle and bottom nerve. As time passes, the nerves will continue in this degenerative progression until the nerve is dead. This can lead to increased pain, numbness, balance issues or even amputation.

Fortunately, the peripheral nervous system has proven to be quite resilient. It just needs the proper tools to heal itself.


Learn How Nerve Damage Is Solved…
By Learning The 3 Keys To Your Neuropathy Success


Our nutrition programs are designed to provide optimal nutrition, much needed nutrients and natural supplements designed to increase Nitric Oxide levels. This promotes healing and decreases inflammation. In fact, in 1998 the scientist who made the correlation between Nitric Oxide and regulating blood flow won the Nobel Prize.


The physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels.

This is done through Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) has been FDA approved for treatment since 2001 and is crucial to the angiogenesis process. In addition, LLLT reduces pain, improves immune function, accelerates wound healing of fractures, increases production of DNA and collagen, and increases the activity of fibro blast (a cell in connective tissue that produces collagen and other fibers.)


(speaking the nerves language)

Unlike common TENS devices (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) that merely block pain signals, our equipment does the opposite: our treatment opens up the nerve paths and re-educates them so that normal signals can finally get through. The increase in blood flow causes muscle contractions, and actual healing can be accomplished, not just mask your pain.

Step 3

Act & Solve The Problem

Until now, if your Neuropathy was diagnosed at all, the treatment has usually been limited to medication. Medication only masks the problem. In addition, many medications have unpleasant side effects, and none of them reverse or slow down the progression of damage to your nerves. They DO NOT provide the tools necessary for you to heal.

At MD Health & Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri we implement programs that get results. Additionally, we supply YOU with the proper nutrition and treatments that will allow you to regain your nerve health.

Our treatments address the 3 keys to neuropathy success. NUTRITION, ANGIOGENESIS and NERVE RE-EDUCATION. This method is not only the healthy alternative, it generates the absolute best results. 80 – 95% of our patients experience these great results.

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Here’s What A Few Of Our Patients Have To Say

So I asked friend and tried everything, but the numbness was turning into pain and it kept getting worse. I didn’t know what to do or what to try and I was afraid I was going to become crippled. Or even worse, lose one of my feet.

Now I’m back to my old self. That darned old pain and numbness are GONE, GONE, GONE!!! See that smile on my face? Now you know why I’m smiling. Because the pain is gone!

Mary Helen

For the past 6-7 years it felt like I was wearing invisible stockings, [and] the numbness had gotten worse in the past 2 years. I had numbness in both feet — the tops and the bottoms — and I also had shooting pain in my toes.

The treatment has reduced the numbness in my feet; I can now feel the carpet. I couldn’t before treatment.

Everyone is very supportive, helpful in explaining what’s being done, very professional and very nice.

Nancy R

I have suffered for 3 years with pain in my feet and legs. I don’t have to take the pain medication anymore! I can do more, stand longer, I have better balance and less pain. It works!

Wanda D

Wow! What a relief to no more pain or numbness in my feet. Now I can do the things I did 5 years ago – I can run up and down steps without being so cautious. I am more confident in my footing. My balance is better. I have more “pep” in my step. Before treatment I was in pain and felt like I was always walking on cardboard. I was previously prescribed medicine to stop the pain but it wasn’t worth it…


I have suffered with numbness and shooting pain in my feet and legs for the past 5 years. I was at the point I could no longer tolerate it. Since my treatment I can sleep better and no longer awaken at night with leg cramps. I can climb the stairs easier and no longer use my cane. I recommend my friends and family so they can live a pain free life style. The doctors and staff are all so caring.

Mary Lou

Over the past 15 years, I felt like I was walking on sponges. My feet were numb, hot and burning. I heard about this treatment and felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. My doctor never offered me any treatment, he just said, I would have to live with it. I now have more feeling, more confidence and better balance. They kept me informed about each step of the way and the treatment definitely is working. I would recommend this treatment to others. I was losing both sensory and motor skills…So if it worked for me, it can work for others. Everybody at the clinic is very professional and friendly.

Mary D

$49 New Patient Special

Neuropathy Consultation
& Examination

Claim a new patient Trial ($325 Value) for $49

Includes: Qualifying Exam, Sensory test, Consultation and Free Trial Treatment

Neuropathy Reversal Consultation

Submit your information and we will contact you within
24 to 48hrs to schedule an appointment