Weight Loss Programs St. Louis MO

At MD Health & Wellness we know that one size does not fit all. We offer customized weight loss plans for women and men.We have a variety of diets that are individualized to your specific needs depending on the weight you need to lose and how fast you would like to like to lose those unwanted pounds.

And now, all of our plans come with our Daily Diet Email!

What Does the Daily Diet Email Provide?

No matter what program you choose you can receive an email each day of your diet. All emails are specific to your particular nutrition plan for the day and contain cartoons and inspirational quotes for fun and motivation. We will even send you daily exercise suggestions that can help you get moving in the right direction.

Daily Diet Email Benefits:

  • Keeps dieters on track 
  • Plans their meals with new recipes
  • Gives them ideas on how to make their diet more interesting

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As they age, women might find it harder and harder to lose weight on their own. While many diet books and plans online may be helpful, working with a professional who understands what weight loss plans work can improve your progress immensely.

Women who come to MD Health & Wellness can depend on us to provide the education and support needed to mean weight loss goals. Through extensive testing and a visit with one of our providers, you can expect a personalized plan that may include reduced calorie diet and appetite suppressants (if appropriate) as well as ongoing support.

Men typically looking for weight loss want to lose weight in their midsection, and many studies show that this fat is not only harmful to health, but can be linked to a higher death rate, especially among men who have fat in their abdominal area. Our providers understand your goals and work with you to tone your abdominal area and improve your lifestyle.

With meal plans tailor made for your goals from MD Health & Wellness, combined with exercise and regular assessments from our providers, you can work towards losing weight using proven methods that target the fat that you want to lose most.

Will a liquid diet plan work for you? With the 10-14 program you can see success! MD Health & Wellness provides the 10-14 plan modified liquid diet, which provides high protein meal replacement drinks and weight loss injections to help you lose weight through a combination of methods.

Adding protein to your diet balances blood sugar levels while building muscle. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, the 10-14 plan can improve your metabolism and result in a healthier you. The providers at MD Health & Wellness are happy to provide more information about the 10-14 plan to get you started on burning fat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term!

The providers at MD Health & Wellness support patients who want to use Dr. Emma’s Diet to lose weight. Some of the benefits of the program include weight loss and sustained muscle and lean tissue from using the program. The program overall can result in a positive effect on your metabolism, making the program a long-term plan that patients can follow and apply to their lifestyle over a sustainable period of time.