Weight Loss St. Louis

Wellness Program Activation Instructions

We are so excited to be able to bring you care, treatment and support between office visits using our new wellness portal. Please follow these simple instructions to begin!


1. We enter your name and email into our portal and enroll you into your plan.

2. You will receive an email with our name in the subject line confirming that we have enrolled you.

3. If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your junk and spam folders.

4. Open the email on your computer or your mobile device.

5. Click on the activation link in the email. You will be brought to a confirmation page.

7. Create a password that you will use for your account. You’ll type it in twice.

8. Begin receiving your program instructions immediately and then,by email each day. That’s it!

Once you log in, you can also use a food tracker and a body metrics tracker on your own account, on your computer or your mobile device.

If you want, you can also enable text messaging by logging on to your account on a computer and verifying a cell phone number under the Account settings.


Please be aware that AOL blocks bulk mail from nearly every bulk sender. If you are using an AOL email, please be aware that some emails may be delayed or blocked. Once you’re logged into your account, enable text messages to ensure delivery of alerts.

For any technical difficulty, visit the wellness portal.