Women's Weight Loss Program

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Women’s weight loss programs must be customized according to body type, medical history, lifestyle, and a number of other factors. Your circumstances are unique. You deserve a diet plan that fits you exactly. It is the best way to ensure success.

MD Health & Wellness has helped female patients lose weight and keep it off for decades. No matter your ultimate weight loss goal or the reason you wish to lose weight, we can help you with an effective program.

When you get on a diet plan that works for you, you will find that it improves your life in many different ways.

  • Look great in your clothes again
  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Live a healthier, longer life
  • Aches and pains that you’ve had go away
  • You have more energy throughout the day.

MD Health & Wellness provides the education and support you need to reach and maintain your goals. We have the resources to help you achieve your ideal weight and body fat percentage. We have specific weight loss diets for you as a woman. After evaluating your needs, we will start the move towards a healthier you! In addition, we know you have a busy schedule and are more than happy to accommodate you accordingly.

Our standard program for women includes extensive testing (blood work, EKG, urine analysis) and a visit with one of our providers. The provider will give you a personalized reduced calorie diet and appetite suppressants (if appropriate). When you get close to you goal weight we will modify your custom meal plan into a meal plan for life to keep you at your goal weight.

Postpartum Plan

At MD Health & Wellness, we understand that your time is limited as a new mother. Our goal is to assist you in dropping that stubborn baby weight through our weight loss programs for women. We provide unique exercise programs and meal plans that help you achieve an overall level of personal fitness and health.

Call us today to discuss your weight loss needs and we will get you on the road to achieving your goal.

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