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Intro to SpineTrex Spinal
Regeneration Program

Low back pain usually comes from one of four sources:

A simple, painless neuro-diagnostic test done at our office in Bridgeton, MO will often inform us right away where the low back pain is originating. A lumbar MRI does not always reveal the origin of the pain; the anatomic picture can often be misleading, and as a result, misdiagnosis and treatment can occur.

Spinal Decompression is Recommended For:

Low Back Pain

Bulging and Protruding Discs


​Herniated disc

Pinched Nerves

Degenerative Discs

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Regeneration Program

The non-surgical solution for low back, leg pain and numbness.

The people that come to us are generally frustrated by undergoing treatment that hasn’t helped or hasn’t provided lasting relief, many are scared that they may end up in spinal surgery that won’t work and most are just plain tired of the pain interfering with their life.

We have successfully treated tens of thousands of people with spinal decompression therapy with nearly 90% success in St. Louis, MO, many who had previously thought there was no hope. Treatment is safe and effective without the risks and complications associated with surgery or the prolonged use of drugs.

There is a cure for most Chronic Low Back and Leg Pain Without Surgery. Pain in the back develops when the nerves around the joints are irritated and inflamed. Pain running down the legs is usually produced by degenerated, bulging or herniated discs placing pressure on the spinal nerves supplying the legs.

The process can start with injury, postural/spinal imbalance, short leg, muscle weakness and genetic abnormalities. Discovering of the cause of the pain is essential for effective treatment. While not all conditions are curable, MD Health & Wellness has the tools necessary to evaluate the cause and recommend effective treatment.

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MRI Demonstrating the Retraction of the Herniation and Healing of the Disc

This patient had a five year history of on and off back pain until a fall produced a sharp shooting pain down her right leg. The MRI demonstrated a significant disc herniation. The radiologist who was unfamiliar with the SpineTREX decompression program stated he thought her only option was disc surgery.

After 6 weeks of the SpineTREX program she was pain free. A follow up MRI was taken a few months later and demonstrated that the disc was healed.

How SpineTREX Decompression Heals the Disc

Reversing the damage with the SpineTREX ® Decompression Program. The pressure inside the disc drops from a positive 25 millimeters mercury to a negative pressure 150 millimeters mercury producing a vacuum effect. This negative pressure draws into the disc water, oxygen, and nutrients, thereby re-hydrating the degenerated disc.

View of the Disc Retracting from SpineTREX Decompression

You can see that the red protrusion representing the herniated disc is retracting due to the vacuum effect produced by the decompression

Patient Testimonials

After a fellow co-worker showed me about the successes of SpineTREX, I went for a free consultation. I was very impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly staff. After my fourth session, most of the pain down my leg went away. After 10 sessions, the pain was all gone. I am doing exercises twice daily with no pain. It is so nice getting up in the morning with no pain at all in my back and leg.


One day in January, I saw a copy of an article about back pain relief through SpineTREX treatment, and I decided to give them a call. It appeared to me that they were addressing the problems and not just the symptoms. This is what I was looking for. It’s been absolutely superb. I am more than extremely happy with the outcome. My condition is so much better, it’s beyond my imagination.


A guy told me about the spinal decompression therapy (SpineTREX) procedure and explained in detail how the treatments worked, and that the relief he obtained in just a few weeks. I made the appointment after I had an MRI done of my lower back. I began my treatments and noticed immediate relief. I have since resumed my normal activities, and I am finally sleeping better. Now that my back is better, my entire body feels great.


I’d been suffering with lower back pain and right hip and heel pain for two years. I tried massage therapy, chiropractic treatment and acupuncture – all of the non-invasive options I could find. I really did not want to have surgery.

Then I heard about SpineTREX treatment. I did some testing to find out the cause of my pain was a protruding disc at L5-S1. After a few weeks of treatment, I had no pain. I am back to my old self and able to do what I want. I can do all kinds of other little things that I used to take for granted.


After a number of weeks, I saw a program that introduced me to SpineTREX. It made a lot of sense to me as I listened about the SPineTREX massage procedure. I thought why not try it? I knew for a fact that unless it was absolutely necessary, I did not want to have spinal surgery. The doctor’s diagnosis was right on the money. I had two bulging and one herniated disc in my lumbar spine in addition to the degenerative disc disease. Since my SpineTREX treatment, I have felt stronger and I no longer experience the sciatic pain from nerves being pinched off. I am active again. I am now enjoying gardening, swimming, walking and weight training, all without pain.


As far as my back is concerned, it feels better right now that it has in 50 years. I initially hurt my back while playing football. Over the years, many medical professionals have tried to help, but never did much good. While my back pain was manageable during this time period, an accident about seven years ago made it unbearable. I was rear-ended in a pickup truck while the hitter walked away without a bruise. My back continued to worsen. About a year ago it got to the point where I had trouble getting in and out of bed.

SpineTREX has released the pressure. I used to hate getting out of bed because when I did, I knew the pain was going to be there. It’s gone now.


Spinal Decompression Therapy

$49 New Patient Special

Includes: Qualifying Exam, Film Review, Consultation and Free Trial Treatment

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Submit your information and we will contact you within
24 to 48hrs to schedule an appointment